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What are the costs?

Registration Fee

The cost to register for Hudsonville Rocket Cheer is $85 for the whole season.  This fee allows your child to participate in all practices and all six (possibly seven) games for their grade, as well as cheering during a quarter of a varsity football game. There will also be an end of season banquet, trophy award and gift from the coaches.  Please note that a minimum $20 deposit is required to hold your child's spot in the program and due by the registration deadline. 

1st-6th Grade Uniform

We will be using the same uniform top and skirt that we used in the 2019 and 2021 seasons.  If your uniform still fits, then you are all set.  Otherwise, each girl will be required to purchase a shell ($30 new and $15 used) and a skirt ($30 new and $15 used).  Used skirts and shells will be available on a first come first serve basis.  

***Please note that if you desire a used uniform (top, skirt or both), please be sure to indicate this on your registration form.  Used uniform pieces will be awarded based on the timestamp on the registration form to honor first come first serve.  You will be contacted if your are selected for a used uniform piece prior to the registration deadline.***


A navy lollie/brief will also be required to be purchased (unless yours fits from previous years).  You can obtain your own online or through a sporting goods store. 

7th and 8th Grade Uniform

The 7th and 8th graders will be paying a $10 fee to rent the competitive cheer uniforms used in middle school.  Please note that this fee only covers normal wear and tear of uniforms.  If your uniform is lost or damaged, you will be responsible for paying to replace the uniform.  


A navy lollie/brief will also be required to be purchased (unless yours fits from previous years).  You can obtain your own online or through a sporting goods store.


Cheer 4.jpg

Have an Old  Uniform  You Wish to Sell?


If you have a 1st-6th grade top or skirt like the one to the left, please contact Coach Britni for details on selling.   You will get $15 for each piece (top and skirt... pair is $30). 



*** Please note that only tops from the 2019 and 2021 seasons will be accepted for re-sale (see picture).  Only uniforms that are gently used and in good condition will be accepted.  We have the right to refuse a used uniform piece for resale if the condition is not adequate to sell to another family.  In addition, we do NOT accept lollies or bows for resale.  Thank you!


-If you cancel your registration before the registration deadline, you will get 100% refund including the cost of a uniform. 

-After the registration deadline, but before the first practice you can be refunded for $65 of your registration fee ($20 deposit becomes non-refundable).  Additionally, you must still pay for the cost of the uniform since it was already ordered, but it is yours to keep.

-After the first practice, no refund will be issued for registration fee or uniform, but the uniform is still yours to keep.

-Should the season be canceled due to COVID or any other reason outside of the control of the program, some form of refund will occur.  The details/amount will depend on how far into the season this occurs and this will be communicated ASAP. 

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