Registration Dates


There will be two registration dates for you to register your daughter(s) for the 2019 season of Hudsonville Rocket Cheer.  They are as follows:


~Monday, June 17th from 5pm to 8pm @ HHS Cafeteria

~Thursday, August 1st from 5pm to 8pm @ HHS Cafeteria

Note that these registrations are OPEN HOUSE style, meaning you can come any time between 5-8pm and do not need to be there for the whole time. Usually the end is the least busy if you wish to avoid lines, though we try to get through people as quickly as possible. 


Please contact me ASAP if you cannot attend either of these dates, but still would like to register your daughter for the program.  All registrations must be done in person!

Registration Deadline


NO LATE REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED!!  This is for insurance purposes as well as to ensure we get our uniforms in time.  Please contact me prior to this date if you would like to sign your daughter up, but are unable to come to either of the registrations.  The deadline to register your daughter(s) for the 2019 season of Hudsonville Rocket Cheer is on Thursday, August 1st @ 8pm (the end of our final registration). 


All practices will run from 6:30-8:30pm (except 1st practice).  Unless otherwise noted, all practice will take place at the Riley Street Middle School Gym.


Summer practice dates are as follows:

Thursday, August 15 from 5:45pm to 8:45pm - Track at Riley Middle School

Thursday, August 22 from 6:30-8:30pm

Tuesday, August 27 from 6:30-8:30pm


Starting the 1st week of September, practices will be as follows:

          Tuesdays - 7th and 8th grade ONLY 

          Thursdays - ALL GRADES    


****Please note that practice dates, times, and locations may be subject to change depending on facility availability.  Announcements will be clearly made in the event of a change.






Cheer Gear Order Deadline


Cheer gear is an optional way to show your Hudsonville Rocket Cheer spirit.  We sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatpants, and cheer shorts.  This is for both girls and parents to wear!  We will have many color options available.  More information is on our Cheer Gear section, so check that out!  The deadline for ordering will be Thursday, August 22nd.  You can order by turning in a form or emailing/ facebooking Coach Britni your order. 

Picture Day


Picture day is Thursday, September 5th. Team pictures will take place during practice.  Individuals will be before practice as follows:

Individuals with last names A-G will be 5-5:30pm

Individuals with last names H-O will be 5:30-6pm

Individuals with last names P-Z will be 6-6:30pm 



Games are as follows: :


1st/2nd Grade Games - Saturdays mornings/Monday Evenings

3rd/4th Grade Games - Mondays evenings

5th/6th Grade Games - Tuesdays evenings (one Monday)

7th Grade Games - Wednesdays @ 4pm (3:30pm warm-up)

8th Grade Games - Wednesdays @ 5:30pm (5pm warm-up)


All 1st & 2nd grade games will be held at Baldwin Stadium, except the Monday games - which are at Allen Street Field).  All 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade games will be held at Allen Street Stadium by the High School. 


***Please note that all game dates, times, and locations are subject to change based on the HYF Schedules and availability of our varsity cheer coaches. 

Varsity Football Game


Every year all of the Hudsonville Rocket Cheerleaders (1st-8th grade) are invited to cheer alongside the varsity cheerleaders during the 2nd quarter of one of the varsity football games.  This is an exciting event!  Participation is optional, but most girls wouldn't want to miss it.  This year's game is on Friday, September 13.  We will be practicing for this event the two practices before the game.  A free ticket will be handed out to your daughter the week of the game.  The ticket is not required for entry, but offers for your daughter to get in for free!

End of Season Banquet


The end of season banquet is on Thursday, October 17th at 7pm.  Location is still TBD.  This is a fun experience for the girls to show off what they have learned so far, get their trophy/gifts from their coaches, and eat dessert to celebrate a fun season. 


Girls are to arrive at 6:15pm for warm up with the banquet starting at 7pm.  All girls must wear their uniforms.  

~To help celebrate an end to an AWESOME season, we are asking for families to bring the following items based on their grade...
* 1st - 6th grades please bring a FINGER FOOD DESSERT (cookies, brownies, or bars)... please bring at least 1 dozen!
* 7th and 8th grade please bring TWO or THREE DRINKS (pop, milk, juice, cider, etc)
* Kristin and I will be supplying the paper products. 


Full Season Calendar
2019 Season Full Calendar 

Weather Policy
Unsure what to do if it's raining outside?  Click on the link below to view our weather policy.